Monday, February 6, 2012

So cute ^-^

So right now I'm in bed...and no, not because I'm super lazy or anything, but because I'm sick :P Today has been the seventh day of being sick now...and I can't say I'm not looking forward to feeling better :P My (very cool, as I have already made pretty clear..) friends have been coming by anyways :) <3 I'll just drink more water, get more sleep and hopefully actually be able to stand up again sometime soon..:P :) 

...I have news for you!!
My older sister, Shayleen has her now official boyfriend! His name is Benny, and I think he's pretty cool...and they are VERY cute. So. Now I no longer have to hide my girly squeals when he does something sweet and I am now able to fully tease them in public...Not that I actually tease them....oh well ;)
They're goofy.

And I love 'em :)
He likes to tease me..and they can be very evil sometimes..haha XD 

Its not new news to just about everyone who knows us.. but facebook official? How aDORable. 

I lost a follower today :( It made me really sad..:( 
Well...Imma try and get some rest..

Question of the post!!!

(that sometimes has something to do with the post..and sometime doesn't..)

What is your favorite movie that you have watched recently? :) 

Uhh....I dont really know :P I liked Whinnie the Pooh..and I..I..Ug, I dont know. So you can answer this one for me..K? :P
Well, TTFN!!!!!

<3 <3 <3
Love you all! Thanks for reading!! :)


  1. DAWWWWWW XD I would've never guess Benny and Shay! That's a real shocker >.> :P

    But, good post! Get well soon and all that! :P

    And.. To answer your question.... I would have to say either Labyrinth... Or... Back to the Future XD Both are great movies, and I've seen both of them countless times XD



    Yes, Inception is currently my most favorite movie to watch.

  3. Ah, hope you feel better soon! Being sick is awful enough, but for that long? I really feel for you...

    And my favorite movie? Eesh. I currently have about 217 of them, but one I can watch again and again is First Blood. Go Rambo!

  4. Oooh! I do hope you get to feeling better, Elisa!

    Favorite movie: far too many to count, but I did just see Katherine Heigl's One for the Money - so cute. =)

  5. @Wes: I know right?! Never saw that coming..XD :)
    and ohh yes XD :)

    @Daniel: Lol! :D I love that movie!!

    @Jenna: Thanks :P It added up to about 11 days of being sick..Im sooo glad im better now!!! :D and i dont think ive seen that..maybe i should watch it sometime? ;)

    @Sunny & Star: Yeah! :D I love 'em to death x)

    @Rissi: Thanks!! :) I dont think ive seen that movie either! Maybe I should add it to the list of movies to watch? ;) :D

    Thanks for the comments you guys!! :) <3 ::hugs:: You rock! :D


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