Saturday, October 22, 2011


This is gonna be an awesome post. You know why? Cuz randomly throughout this post you are gonna find things that make me happy, they could be shoes, pictures, certain foods, or other random things! Hidden! Well okay, maybe not hidden, but there'll be links on random words. ;D Starting NOW!

Something recently caught my attention, nothing big or exciting or even remotely;s just that...well... its about...ME! GOING TO CALIFORNIA for TWO WEEKS!!! Ohhhmyyyygosssh.... Yes. I lied. I find this very exciting, interesting and big. It's gonna be my sister Irene (14) and I alone on the plane to stay with my Great Aunt! Eee! O.O :D I intend to see lot's, observe many people, go many places, skateboard much, swim a lot, and take many many many pictures, do much shopping and have TONS 'O FUN. :D I have never been to California so this is gonna be awesome. The only thing I am sad about is that I will not be with my family and friends for Thanksgiving.... I'm really gonna miss my besties. :) :( But California does have computers (big shocker there) so I will be emailing :) Yay!! :D A few (about 5) friends already know this.... But for some totally random reason I have not told everyone.. :P Just AnnaLise, Daniel, Wes, Nathan and Caleb. :P

Have you looked at my happiness yet? ;D

For some weird reason I keep having this weird nightmare that I like, die, and come back invisible only to find that nobody cares that I am gone :P Kind of sad actually... My friends (in my dream) are talking about the dance and and were like "I wonder what Elisa is wearing, Oh that's right, she died. We should take her off the attending list on facebook. Oh rats. now we only have like, 12 people coming. Oh well" :P

I really like Linkin Park. Just mentioning that. :) Forrest gave me his Droid and gave me some songs to look up and I spazzed. (Inside. I was too tired at the moment to spaz outwardly.) I pretty much love them...:)

:D :D :D

Last night was awesome. It was a dance ^_^ I had such an amazing time :D I actually think it was one of the best dances so far...I'm pretty sure it was! :D All the epic people, awesome music and epic dances made it. AWESOME. :D 
After the dance Caleb, Daniel, Raquel, Noah, Shay, Benny, Forrest and I all walked up to 7/11 and got monster drinks :D Raquel and Noah spent the night here, which was also awesome. ;) :) 
But now I gotta go...
Questiony time!!!

What is your earliest memory? 

I know it has nothing to do with the post..But whatever :P XD :D
<3 <3 <3
I seriously love to dance, loves orange juice and seriously loves Linkin Park right now :D
^^^^Skateboarder^^^ heeheehee


  1. Wow, lots of random stuff EVERYWHERE. Answer to the question... It would prob have to be a giant water balloon fight we had with some of our neighbors at our old house. It was fantastic, and crazy :P

  2. I think my earliest memory had something to do with taking a nap and thinking I saw Jesus walk into my room....yeah, the darkness did things to me...I saw stuff.

  3. hahahaha So glad Noah and I were so awesome to have over ;) heehee Love ya!!


  4. Wow.... There was a lot more links in this than I expected.. But in answer to the question, I think my oldest memory was when I was bouncing on our old couch, asking Nathan if he'd brought a nintendo to our house.


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