Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harry Potter Happiness! :D

So who is pumped for Harry Potter?! ME!! ME!!! ME!!! ME!!! MEMEMEMEME!!! I am really bummed that I am broke and have no money to buy a ticket and go with all my friends... :/ Very very very sad day... :P But! Here are some pictures to get you super happy!! :D :D
hahahahahaha! I laughed SO hard when I read this. I think it is a mix of being tired, hyper, not tired and excited. :D
(Stole that picture from Abby) Cuz it made me laugh. Actually, that entire post made me laugh...It be funny stuffs!!! :D

Now here are some non joke pictures...heehee. xD I wont post anymore weird ones. :)
I know he is dead.......CRYCRYCRY!!!! I love you Dobby!!!!! :'( I cried so hard when he

Woohoo! :D
Are you super excited yet? Darn. You are hopeless. 
Until I was about..I don't know...(When ever) the Harry Potter movies were very naughty movies and only bad people watch them, or read the books. But I got older and wiser (and it kind of helped that my mom gave in and let me read the first. I was hooked.) Now I love them!! They are da bomb and I am so super happy that Part 2 of Deathly Hallows is coming out soon!!! :D 
I feel so horrid that I don't really like Harry. Bad bad bad me!!! But...I just don't.. :P He is kind of annoying... I mean, sometimes I like him...Just not all the time like I do Ron. Hermione is awesome too. :D Some people say that I look a lot like her...I still don't really get it..But whatever. It is a compliment. She is cute. haha xD
Nope...Not see'in it. :D lol
And (Blah blah blobbbbby gook)
Yep! That is my Harry Potter post!!! :D
I know I promised no more weird Harry Potter pictures...But....You already know that I lie (I promise short posts...I promise not to jump around on subjects I promise many things...)
HAHAHAHAA...Could you tell I was tired? :P
Alright fine. I will stop. ^_^
Now *that* is the end of my super long post with no purpose whatsoever. :D
<3 <3 <3 
Elisa, the Harry Potter fan who is bubbling with excitement!!!!! :D :D :D


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