Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two subjects (hehehe) ;)

Well, today..Er...In this post I am going to cover only about two subjects (don't count on it though...) I will be talking about how much I am happy with the progress in my writing and about the fact that it is the first day of summer today!!! :D So, here goes!
1) I was looking at my older posts just a second ago and...Yeah. They stunk. I am not saying my posts now are super interesting, hilarious and deserve about a thousand comments each, I'm just saying they are ten times better than they were. :P I mean. I was falling to sleep as I read them! They were far too random, they didn't all make sense and the picture captions were all over the place!!! Not that I am any better about being random and making sense...

2) It's the first day of summer!!! Summer means many things to me now that I have gotten older. Pool Party type of things, shorts, flip flops, friends, Popsicles, the lake, jet skiing, hanging out and all that stuff. I have a really good feeling about this summer. :D I did do some of that stuff last year...I don't really know....I am totally clueless as to how to explain the thoughts that are now flying rapidly around like little atoms in my very crowded brain right now. Ya' know?

No, I'm not going to post my pictures from family camp yet. I am sure that sent you into the corner crying and throwing your computer around all the while yelling and screaming at the top of your lungs "I WANTED TO SEE THEM!!!!!!!"...but I just don't feel like doing that right now. Sorry.

Alright fine! Stop making so much noise! You are giving me a headache! I will post a few. So here they are.

(Yeah...Ya know how I said I was only going to talk about two subjects? I told ya not to count on it.......)

This is me before camp....Well, this is actually at the end, but this is what I looked like :P
(Photo by Katy)
This is me at the end...
(photo by Shay)
Just thought I would mention that... :P
This is Morgan: lol
No. He is not trying to pose, I just got him at a good moment. x)

Calvin, Morgan and Caleb. x)
Oh yeah. And I just thought I would mention that these are not edited. x) lol
I like the way the water looks. :D
OMG! WAVE! RUN! hehe...
Oh! America! We be back in America! 
This is the awesome sand castle that Morgan, Jessica and I built! We were just having fun. xD I got such a sunburn on my legs.. :P
Beautiful Juli. :D
Miniature golf!
I will put the pictures of the basket ball game up later. The game that I went hoarse screaming for my team at. :D It was epic and very...very loud. lol
NOW! I saved some of my favorites for last! Sorry this got so long, there are only two more pictures!!!
I love the contrast in this one and am really happy with the way it turned out. :D 
And this one!!! :D :D :D

There. You have 'em. Now you don't have an excuse to scream anymore. :D
and now! Goodbye until next time!
<3 <3 <3
Elisa :D :D :D


  1. How'd you happen to get a picture of yourself sleeping? Do you have a twin sister?

    It's not unusual to see progress in your writing as you grow older. Trust me, I still have my very first notebook. And let me tell you, it was beyond comprehension and all sanity.

  2. @DJ Wilson

    Hahahaha, Shay took it. x)

    Yeah, that is what I was thinking. :D It does make me happy to see myself progressing in something. :P lol
    Hehehe, that is what my first journals were like....... xP


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