Thursday, June 2, 2011

Should I even bother titling these things?

HI ALL! I know I have not posted in a while... That's because we have no keyboard on the desktop and the laptop is just about always in use. lol. But! Here I am! And here you are! SO! HI! :D
This post may be a little long.. Or I will split it and write a different post with the rest of the odd ramblings that have been flying through my now fried brain. ;)
Random Rambling #1.

I watched 'Over the hedge' for the second time the other day.... and... I LOVE BRUCE WILLIS AND I LOVE HAMMY!!!!!!!!!!! I love Hammy so much. I love it when he had that caffeine drink and went so nuts that everything goes in slow motion, I love when he goes to get the icky cookie, (MMMmmmm) I love when he goes "rabid". I love how he runs. I love him. I am in love with a cartoon squirrel.. ;)
R.R #2

I really like it when a guy friend is not afraid to tell his girl friend (note the space...) when she looks nice! Just a simple "Your hair looks nice" or "You look really good in green, you should wear it more often!" can make a girl feel so much better about herself! But, of course, it really does depend on the girl.. :P Some girls would take it the wrong way and be all like "Oh my gosh! He totally likes me! He said that I looked really pretty on Thursday at that party!" Annoying. Personally, my day gets a whole lot brighter when a dude says something like that.. :P For a girl it is different, sure, it makes me happy when one of them says I look pretty, but it is just not the same.. Maybe it is because I am so insecure in the way I look, I really don't like wearing tank tops in public because I am afraid it makes me look too skinny. Yes, silly,  I know. :P I am getting better about that though! It's just me.. I could go on and on about the subject, but I wont. :) hehehehe
R.R. #3

I love Chinese food. So. Very. Good. plus, it is so cool to take pictures of because some of it is just so different looking! :D
R.R. #4

I dreamed about a prom last night.. I didn't get asked to go because boyfriends were asking their girlfriends. But! I did get to watch for some of it.. I even got asked to dance once! But I totally failed.. Even though we were dancing to West Coast Swing... My favorite dance EVER. :P I am going to blame it on the fact that the boy I was dancing with had green (dyed) hair and a very large nose. Yep. That was it. Green hair. Large nose. Toootally.
R.R #5.

I hate it when people drive past you walking along the street and yell mean things...
R.R. #6.

Actually, I think I'll stop rambling now and post some super cool picture...Well, not super cool...only  Slightly cool... not really... Tiny bit.. Not... Never mind. Here you go...
A plate...


You can see the reflection of the cup sitting beside it.
And now you can't! muahahaha.....
Yes. We eated it all.
Fortune cookie!!!!!!!!!
Um... Again!
Shaddup! I love my fortune cookie!

Yep! I love them!
Last one!
interesting fortune.. :P
Clouds. ^_^ With a balloon thing..
Record player and a record.. Playing...
A preeetty iris. :)
Yay! I did it!
Clouds.. Again.
And again.
There! That's it! :D
Oh yeah, and I saw that you all were very frightened by my "internet hug" threat! And, the white cherry blossoms won. :) For all those who voted. I am sorry, You deserve what is coming for you.
*HUG!* Muahahahah......a....a.
Hey! Let's play a game! Oh.. a game? What kind of game.. A fuuuun one!!!
Can you guess this person before the 20th hint is up? Here goes! I'm giving you an easy one. >:)
1.  I share my name with a town in Florida (Booyah! Easy!!!!)
2. If I were a girl, I would be a real drama queen! (That's for sure.......)
3. If you are American, I might sound different to you.
4. I'm an actor (Oh really?!?! I hadn't noticed!)
5. I take my work very seriously. (lol.....)
6.  You may not know it, but I have struggled with dyslexia.
7. I've won a teen choice award or two
8.  I was born in England
9. Girls around the globe are charmed by my good looks. (gag....)
10. I trained at the British American Drama Academy. 
11. In 2002, Teen People named me one of it's 25 hottest stars under 25. (double gag.....)
12. You may have seen me in the Caribbean.
13. My rings are not something you put on your fingers. 
14. I was forced to wear pointy ears for a long period of time. (oh gosh.....)
15. Kate has been my date. (Kate? :P...)
16. My elves have nothing to do with the North Pole.
17. I played Will Turner. (Wow.. That's obvious....)
18. My first name starts and ends with O.
19. I've worked with Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. 
20. I am not a flower, but I am a bloom. (Oh! Oh! Oh! You're such a beautiful person!!!!!!!!!) Please note... Sarcasm.)
Ohyeah.. And I am not saying I REALLY like that actor, I am just saying that I found his hints the most entertaining... lol. But! Comment telling me who you think it is, and what hint number you figured it out at. If you want.. :P Then, next post, I will tell you the correct answer and maybe ask another one! Should I do a person, place or thing? :) I have no clue why I am doing this.. It's just fun. x)
Sorry, this is getting a little long. So, Goodbye!
I sign out!
<3 <3 <3
Elisa :) :) :) 
Uggg. I have this nasty cough thing! It is so terrible! My lungs are killing me, I can't breathe without it hurting, eating is awful and coughing is like sticking something down my already raw throat. Yeah. I've been drinking a lot of hot water and tea. Yes. Plain hot water feels pretty good! ^_^ Yay!!!! :D I hope it is gone by Sunday! Or else I would miss the dance session for the FIRST time!!!! Nooooo!!! I think I would die. We are going to be doing the waltz! I already know the basic step, but I want to know more. YAY! I am so excited!!! :D I love to dance. ^_^ LOL :D :D :D We will go over the basic  box step for a little, but also go into the traveling basics for Viennese Waltz and talk about line-of-dance...What ever that is............ xD Sorry.. It got long.. :P


  1. hahahahahahhahaha! I love this! You made me laugh. x) Thanks for posting again sistah! :D

  2. I love love love chinese food - a lot actually! And now you make me want to call up our local joint and order some!

  3. I figured it out at # 12 if it matters. You need to stop coughing. It's bad for you.

  4. Thanks Libby! I lovelovelove it when people say my posts made them laugh. :)

    I love Chinese food too...Like..SO MUCH! :D lol

    12? hehe, I am tempted to post one of the hardest ones, but no body seemed interested so I wont. lol
    I will stop coughing! It's almost completely gone! :)


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