Friday, May 27, 2011

:) History.. Sort of.. :P

Weelll, I got to download my pictures onto the laptop today.. :P I am pretty happy about that....
So, prepare to be amazed! Well, actually don't, you would just be disappointed. :P lol.. But you should prepare to have to look at about three thousand pictures... If you want that is. :P Actually no.. I will just download a few.. :P
Tomorrow is the last day of History class. I have mixed feelings about that.. :P I am happy that I will not have homework anymore.. But sad that I wont be able to see all of these kids until.. Hm...Actually, I wont really see them any more! Goodbye Chase, Hannah, Kevin, Kevin, Kenneth, Dannah, Julie, Taylor, Brendan, and Luke!!! I hope I didn't miss anyone.. :PI am not putting AnnaLise in because I see her anyways. lol  Here are some pictures I got.. Of the girls.. Again.. :P Tomorrow I hope to get a picture of the whole group...If Kevin K. doesn't run off to work the second we are let out, like he has been doing lately... :P But anyways, here you go. :P
weell, they are not really of all the history kids, but I am not going to take a ton of pictures of the dudes. lol So here are the girls!!! :D Plus. They are much cuter. xD jk... Sort of. x)
Yay! Hannah made it! King..Er.. Queen of the hill!
Chase looks so serious....
I knew it wouldn't last.. :P
They are so nuts.... lol
I would post more.. But they take so long to upload! Because I have to put them on facebook and then copy and paste them.. Because I can't upload them here anymore. :/ Ouch.
So.. Anyone in history, if you are reading this, you may want to skip tomorrow.. I am bringing a monster drink. Just to warn you. But don't worry, I wont be as hyper as I was that one Saturday.... That had other things that made me hyper along with the monster. Things that should not have made me hyper.. They were things like stress. LOL
So... this may come as really really shocking. But I really am hoping to take hip hop dance lessons at The Masters School Of Art!!! I really hope I can! I saw the class do a dance for a talent night and they totally rocked! lol Some people say I am naturally good at dancing. I laugh. Because I don't think I am... Not at all. But whatever. :P
Well, Goodnight! I am like.. Not tired at all.. :P
<3 <3 <3 
Elisa :) :) :)


  1. that looks like a fun group, i just wish my classes were as intertaining as that. LOL. you have a pretty fun blog! And i hope you dont mind me saying, that you are quite pretty yourself! :D i'm sorry if that creeped u out.

  2. Awwww! Thanks! :D Naw, not creepy! :


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