Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snow day!!!!!!!!!

Saturday  was.... awesome. Daniel, Will, Caleb, Kerilynn, Juli, Hadley, Scott, Andy, Daniel, Forrest, Shay, Benny, Nathan, Sam, Chris, Lindsey and (sooo sorry if I missed you!) Irene. :) It was sooo fun and I am not at all sore! (Most likely because I did not even touch a sled, I just sat in the snow and talked.) x) The drive there was really fun, believe it or not! I rode in a car with Will, Caleb, Sam, Hadley and Kerilynn. We sang along to the music that was playing, acted really immature (which by the way is really fun) and talked.
I think our van was the best... I think everyone says that though. :D

 Ummm.... yeah.
 Andy with his awesomely crazy hair.
 The mountain!
After everyone (but me. xP) sled for a while we all went up to the lodge that was near where we had been, got some coffee and tried to warm up. :P
The coffee was TERRIBLE!!!! It made Sam and I very unhappy because we spent $4.50 on it. xP xP xP
 I guess his face got cold.... or he was just trying to scare us. :D
We ate lunch in the parking lot.

So, yeah, it was an amazing day and the most fun I have had in a while. :)
<3 <3 <3


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