Monday, January 10, 2011

Untitled... again...

You know that song that makes you feel so great and you don't know why? That one that makes you feel that you will never be sad again? Well, I finally found mine. 'I See The Light'. I love this song so much it is crazy, Weird and bonkers. :D
And what makes it even more awesome is that I can sing along... well. And that makes me happy. :D
I love it so much. I have listened to it so many times today. ^_^

I am babysitting my brothers right now, they are making paper chains, so the only thing I have to watch out for is the glue usage. :P
Do you like crayons? I still love them! Usually people my age that like to draw are using colored pencils and such. But not me! I love colored pencils, but like markers and crayons just as much. :D Here are some odd things I did. :D 
This picture of Winnie the Pooh is supposed to be the one where they are trying to figure out who made the mysterious footprints. :D I think I failed....

 Those are crayons... In case you could not tell.....
Then I did a couple pencil ones:
This one is kind of fuzzy, because my camera does not do well with close ups, and I can't use zoom, because it is broken. :P
I like this one...
I drew it after listening to I See The Light.I was going to draw Rapunzel and Flynn but 
  I could not get what they were wearing to look good, so I decided not to draw them at all and just make them how I wanted to. I am sooo bad at profiles it is not even funny. :P
I need to pick Torin and Reilly up in about forty-five minutes. :)
I made chili for dinner, I hope it turns out okay! :P I did not have my Mom here to help me... It smells good!
I really want my brothers to hold still so that I can take a picture of them. I want one of someone with a really obvious eye color, so I can do a color splash picture, I would do one of me... but.... my eyes are not pretty enough, so I will do one of Zeke.  :D
<3 <3 <3 
Elisa. :) :) :)


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