Sunday, January 23, 2011

A post in which I relate to you the things that made me happy this week. :D Which will be a very, very long post... xP

Today was not the most interesting Sunday, but it was okay.... 
Except for one thing...... CALEB IS LENDING ME HIS AWESOME CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is amazing and I am really happy. :D Here is a picture of it:
I know.... it is really fuzzy, but I could not use flash because it made it to bright to see it... yeah...
I am forever in a debt of gratitude to him for lending it to me. ^_^
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing this post as we watch a movie (Signs) and I drink flat  Dr. Pepper from the 2 liter bottle, which is not as  bad as it sounds... it is actually kind of good! I have had so much.... =P
Here are a few pictures from Friday and Saturday
Kerilynn, looking very cute in her glasses. xD
  pretty Hadley...
 While Hadley took pictures of me, Forrest took some of his own. :D

Today is also Forrest's birthday... I could go on a long rant about how awesome he is and that I doubt I could ever have gotten a better brother then him, but I wont...actually?! Why not?! 
Forrest is awesome in every single way, he is a good listener and I can pour my heart out to him as I cry on his shoulder, he will listen to my troubles, (even if he can't always relate) he takes me places (a good thing for older brothers to do) He is nice to my friends, even if we do spend the whole night in my room screaming. There is so much more about him that I love, but I shall refrain from writing a book. ^_^ Can a guy get any more awesome them him? I don't think so!
I guess I named this post wrong, but I (like always) can not think of anything to call it. :P
Random question of... right now....
What do you think of dreadlocks?
I think few people can have them
Like Ronan
 or Bob Marley. I don't really like his music all that much.. but he is cool. :D
Or really little black boys. That is all. They look so messy and ugly! Awwww!
Yep, you know, flipping through pictures of people with them... I have only found like two people that look good! Who ever thought of doing it?
"Hey, dude, do you think it would be cool if I ratted my hair up until it looked like long hairy worms? Yep.... That would look awesome."
Just plain ugly. 
Shaggy hair is really cool. xD
Noooow, if you wanted awesome hair... then you would do something more like...
or this!
or THIS!!!!!!!!!!! This little boy is waaay to cute. xD
Only a few guys can pull the whole spiky hair thing off. He is making a weird face.
I feel weird putting up these pictures... so...
Owen (my little brother) got a Halo Lego set and I am (let's face it) kind of jealous of it. xD It has a hunter, master chief and a wart hog with a rocket thingy.. I can't remember the name. :P It actually shoots little rockets, eight of them. Pretty cool. :D 
I have a lot of stuff I want to talk about, but I don't want to make a really long boring post! Ahrguhhh!
 I am not a HUGE peanuts fan. (Someone I know is. =D..) But I really do like them. =)

I want this:
Linus is one of my favorite

Well... who could not like Snoopy?
Pig Pen!!!

I like the comic strips as well as the little shows.
Well... I think this has been long enough... :P
<3 <3 <3
Elisa.:) :) :)


  1. i bet you havent even listened to half of bob marleys music. also dreads are not only good for continued hair growth into the old old ages because the weight of them tugs on the scalp causes more blood flow, thus keeping hair growing. on top of that, theyre good if your outside alot and want long hair but dont want it blowing in your face, also having dreads can be spirtual as well.

  2. ALSO, dreads happen naturally, before combs and scissors and all these other manmade things our great ancestors would be rockin em all day long... caring about what other people think of your looks is stupid and ignorant. havin dreads aint only about lookin cute. its very practical, and i would have to disagree with you, i think most people who have dreads look great, even girls.

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