Friday, January 7, 2011

My last post was like on the third, so I think it is okay to post now. :D I actually don't have much to say....
Lately I have been babysitting these two boys. (The older does not like that he is being "babysat", I don't blame him! He is only three years younger then I am!) They are really good little boys and I love having them over. I pick them up at the school a few blocks away from our house, because their bus drops them off there, take them home and play Xbox, tag or Legos until their dad comes to pick them up. I hope they are having fun, I am! :)
I just went to this thing called "Rainmakers" today. It was cool. It is this speaking group thing that will help me be less nervous when I speak in public. It will be lots of fun. I know a couple of people that used to do it and have gotten really good at public speaking. The name is kind of odd, but I don't mind. :D
I watched some of the kids do some speeches. A couple of them were very impressive. There was this one boy named Joe that had an envelope that had some slips of paper in them. He pulled out a random one and read it. He had never seen that slip of paper before and had no clue what he was going to be speaking on. But he sat down on a chair and started to write. He had two minutes to write a five minute speech. And he did. It was good! I was  impressed. :D
Another one that I liked was done by a boy and a girl, they acted out the story of Esther. There were a few rules, they could not look at each other! The boy (Samuel) was really funny. He played Haman, The king and Mordecai. The Haman parts had everyone rolling around on their chairs laughing. That was pretty cool. ^_^
This year I will also start doing this thing called Generation Joshua. I don't really know what it is yet, but it sounds fun! :D So what with this, my school, babysitting, Rainmakers and just stuff around the house, I shall be very busy this year. :D
Tonight is the sing thing at out our Church! yay! :D
<3 <3 <3
Elisa. :) :) :)


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