Monday, January 17, 2011

dance, sleepover and pictures. :D

I was pretty busy last week. :) It was amazing though. :D On Friday there was an amazing dance, I got asked for every single dance and that made me  so happy. :D The dance was one of the best yet. ^_^
Before it a couple of our friends, my sister and brother and I hung out at the church. We played spoons and other games. Then we went up to Mikes and got some soda and hamburgers. :D
Caleb with his orange juice, and I think he has my Zune...

Nathan with his apple 
Hadley looked so pretty at the dance. She is beautiful all the time, but looked especially good that night. I am afraid the picture is not very good and goes not give her full credit. :P
Benny, Shay.... and.... Nathan in the back..
People dancing :D

Kerilynn too, is sooo cute!!! :D
I love her hat. xD I actually took this picture on Sunday, but felt like sticking it in
Then, after the dance I went to a friends house. It was sooo fun! :D
On Saturday Hadley took some pictures of me. ^_^ 
 Thank you Hadley for taking such good pictures of me! <3

Yep, that was a good weekend. :D
Sunday was church and a very rainy day. Which was awesome. xD
I really want to learn how to play volleyball someday, I really like it. :D But being really bad makes me really uncomfortable when a whole ton of good people are playing. =P
I am going to babysit, clean the house, do my school, make dinner later and more! :D
<3 <3 <3
Elisa. :) :) :)

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  1. Lol, the dance was pretty awesome.
    Aw you're welcome, you make taking pictures fun. :)


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