Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another tag?!?! Yay! =D

5 Random Things About Myself:
1. I have millions of dolls that I can not bring myself to throw away
2. I love to draw
3. I love the weirdest and most random things. Like those ugly monster doll things. SOOO CUTE!
4. I like to do school. ^_^
5.  I hate pancakes
5 strange Things About Myself:
1. I have 9 brothers and sisters
2. I’m double jointed
3. I am allergic to Vitamin C.... yeah... I am not sure how or why.....
4. I 
5. I loooove to climb things
5 Things On My Dresser:
1. My pile of necklaces
2. My hot wheels collection
3. A book.
4. My hair bands
5. a couple of magazines
5 Of Your Best Friends:
1.  Hadley
2. Lindsey
3. AnnaLise
4. Kerilynn
5. Hmmmm.... Nathan, Sam and Andy too! 
5 Things You Love To Do:
1. Sing.
2. Act
3. Read
4. Listen to music.
5. Eat candy
5 People You Are Tagging:
Anybody who feels like waisting a few minutes doing an entertaining tag thing
1. What was the highlite of your life? I don't really know yeat.....
2. Who’s truck were you in last? Scott’s... I think
3. When is the next time you will kiss someone? Ummm....... weeeel...... 
4. What colors are you wearing?Blue… and blue
5. How long is your hair? Just past my shoulders.
6. Who do you have a crush on? Ummm....... 
7. Last thing you ate? A marshmallow
8. Last thing you drank? A cup of coffee
9. Where did u sleep last night? On my bed…. in my room…..
10. Are you happy right now? Sorta, no more then usual.
11. What did you say last? "A tag"
12. Where is your phone? In my room. Out of minutes
13. What was the last museum  you went to? I don’t remember the name…..
14. What color are your eyes?  cloudy blue.
15. Who came over last? Some little boys I am babysitting
16. When was the last time your heart was broken? ?? Neeever!
17. Who/what do you hate/dislike? And I would tell you that… why? Oh! Obama! People who are really bad at something but act like they are really good and show off about it. Thank goodness I don't know anyone like that... :P
18. What are you listening to?  The sound of… little boys talking about the muppets.
19.If u could do one thing right now, what would it be? Run around screaming  and  force feeding my family  marshmallows.
20. What is your favorite smell? Flowers and Berries.
21. Who makes you the most happy? My friends
22. What were you doing at midnight last night? Sitting in bed, thinking about falling asleep.
23. Are you left handed? No
24. Have you ever liked one of your brother/sister’s friends?  Ummmmm.... I am just going to say that to every... weird question.
25. What is the last Alcoholic beverage you had? some wine at communion.
26. When is your b-day? April 18th
27. Who was the last person to text you? I don’t text
28.When was the last time you jumped in a swimming pool? I don’t remember
29. Where was the last place you went shopping? The mall!
30. How do you feel about your hair right now? Ah… yucks
31. Do you have any expensive jewelry? Not really
32. AIM or MSN ? Neither
33. Where does most of your family live? In America. xD
34. Are you an older child our do you have siblings? I am third of ten
35. Name 10 of your fave songs!
1) I see the light- Tangled
2) Dashboard- Modest Mouse 
3) Harbor- Vienna Teng
4) My Immortal- Evanescence 
5) New Divide- Linkin Park
6) Jai Ho!!!!!!!- Pussycat dolls
7) Fake Plastic Trees- Raidiohead
8) Speak Now- Taylor Swift
9) You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift
10) Live Like your Dying- Kris Allen
36. What did you think when you got up? Oooops! I slept in!
37. Do you drink beer? EWWWW
38. Facebook or myspace? Facebook!!!!!!!!
39. Do you have T-Moblie? No
40. What is your fave subject? Reading. ^_^ And Biology
41. What kind of boy/girl do you fall 4? Seriously? Ummmmm.......
42. Do you have any talents? Nope. “Hard work is for those short on talent”
43. Have you ever been IN a wedding? No. :(
44. Do you have kids? No…. 0.O
45. Did you take a nap today? No, I hate naps
46. Ever met someone famous? Weeeell, they were not really famous….
47. Do you want to be famous? No…. It would be kind of scary
48.are u multi-tasking right now? Oh yeah!
49. Do you think you could handle being in the millitary? No.. Scary. Even if I do have posters on my wall of navy stuff
50. What is your favorite color? Blue or black, but black is a shade…
51. Have you ever been to Las Vegas? No
52. What are you doing today? It is late so tomorrow- A dance, going to a friends house and hanging out with some friends before the dance... aka.... a lot. :)
53. Have you ever been gambling? No.
54. What’s your pets name? Used to be Miss Marple. My sisters is Hercule. But you don’t really want to know what I think of him….
55. Do you miss anyone right now? Yeah. :(
56. One book you’ve read over and over? ‘The Luckiest Girl’  Looove that book. :D
57. Do you have a fave cartoon? Yep. xD BASToF Syndrome, Teen Titans, Invader Zim. And the list goes on.
58. Last thing you cooked? Chili
59. Last time you were sick? A few months ago.
60. Last person you fell 4? Arg. Umm.....
61. Do you think anyone will re-post this? Maybe!
62. Who are you gonna tag? 
This is a very long tag and took me quite a while. 
Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please? 
<3 <3 <3 Love ya'll!
Elisa. :) :) :) 


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