Sunday, December 12, 2010

Today... and faces. ^_^

So as many of you know..... I hate, hate, hate volleyball. But today I actually had fun playing it! It was really fun! It was not really a real game, but still. ^_^
After Church I went to a friends house, Katy, with my older brother and sister.  That was also pretty fun. We played an epic game of Spoons, where everyone was jumping across the table, yelling and wildly grabbing for the spoons. XD It was amazing. These two brothers had a really long competition to see who won, it ended up being the younger.... I think, after a while it got really confusing. They did Rock-paper-scissors, arm wrestling, more rounds of spoons and a couple of other things. It was really funny. :D Then we played 'Family', it is this really fun game where each person has a "name"...... never mind, why am I telling you this? :P I guess I go off in random directions in conversations when I get tired. :P Anyways.... It was really funny. :D And I do realize how many times I have said "really"... it is pretty often. :P Ugggggg.
Oh yeah! It is reall..... ummm.....  very odd, all our pictures are disappearing off of our computer! Weird! 
I love this bold stuff. It is very..... booooolllld.
Anywho! I almost almost almost won Family! Nobody remembered my name! It was Ax. >:D HeeHeeHee.
Then, when there were only two people left to guess (We knew one of their names) I was guessed! Nooooo! Oh well! It was fun. ^_^
I really need to beat this 6 minute record that was put up by a friend of mine. It was a challenge to see who could hold a spoon on their nose the longest. xD I was trying to beat it with him, but I kept laughing! LOL This is an odd post, kind of weird.....
Do you make your chat faces with noses? :-)
How about with these eyes? =)
 Which do you like to do best?
 :-) :) :o) :] :3 :c) :> =] 8) =) :} :^):D C: :-D :D 8D xD XD =D =3 <=3 <=8 :-( :( :c :< :[ :{ D: D8 D; D= DX v.v :-9 ;-) ;) *) ;] ;D :-P :P XP :-p :p =p :-Þ :Þ :-b :b :-O :O O_O o_o 8O OwO O-O 0_o O_o O3O o0o ;o_o; o...o 0w0 c.c C.C :-/ :/ :\ =/ =\ :S :| d:-) qB-) :-X :X :-# :# O:-) 0:3 O:) :'( ;*( T_T TT_TT T.T Q.Q Q_Q ;_; 
:-* :* ^o) >:) >;) >:-) B) B-) 8) 8-) ^>.>^ ^<.<^ ^>_>^ ^<_<^ D:< >:( >:C D-:<  >:-( :-@ ;( `_´ D< =^_^= =>.>= =<_<= =>.<= \o/ (jumping for joy) \o o/ (saying hello) d'-' d'_' d'-'b d'_'b (thumbs up) o/\o (high five) 0.o O_o @_@ O_O  (*_*) ^///^ >///< >///> o///o -///- =///=  (^_^) (^-^) (^ ^) (^.^) (~_^) (^_~) ~.^ ^.~  (>_>) (¬_¬)  (;_;) (T_T) (T~T) (ToT) (T^T) (._.) (,_,)(^3^) (^o^) (-_-) d^_^b d-_-b (^_^') ^_^_^') ^^" ^^^_.^') ^^_^^; ^&^^.^;& ^^^; ^^^7 ^_^
There are some pretty cool ones out there. :D
@}-;-'--- A rose. 

If you don't get what one of them is supposed to be, or have another neat one, comment and tell me!
Bye! I have nothing more to say that is worth saying. 

<3 <3 <3
Elisa. =) :) =) :) =)
Personally, I don't really like putting noses on my faces, it makes there faces to long! But my favorite is: ^_^ But I bet you all knew that by now....
Why is some of this text showing up so small? ........


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