Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I can do this from the HTML side of my posting box thingy!

Today I have been working on learning HTML, which by the way, is really fun!
I can now do things like this: (using the code in the HTML side of the posting box)
I don't really care for pink, but it matches my blog. ^_^
I like to do this type thing. Some of the best part is being able to say I figured it all out by myself! :D There is this really nice site that I learned off of, but I didn't ask my older brother how of anything. Except I did have to ask Chris something when I hit a dead end. :P
Enough about that though!
We got our tree last night, and decorated it. It is a large and pretty one. It makes me happy and I have the sudden urge to give it a name. Like Fredrick or Anthony.
Each year our Grandma gives an ornament for our very own, most of mine are of giraffes, I love them! I would put up a picture of my favorite, but my camera is having a time out. By it's own choice, I think it is mad at me for not using it for a couple of days, spoiled thing.
Right now I am listening to Taylor Swift (am I ever not?) I am glad my Zune is being good! Who, by the way, I named Calcifer. :D
I am very pleased with myself. I have gotten most every body's presents! I have 18 presents left to get, but most of them are just candy. I got my little brother's at Dollar Tree, so that made them pretty cheap. ^_^
We went to Costal and I just about fainted.... Well, maybe not, but it always sounds better when you add a little drama.  :D Well, I almost fainted because in front of me were rows and rows of saddles, Bits, bridles and other horse stuff! I could have stood there all day taking in all the beauty. (more drama) There were so many! I wish I could go back to riding horses, it was so wonderful. ^_^
I need to clean up the house for Shay's birthday dinner! :D
<3 <3 <3
Elisa.. :) :) :)


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