Sunday, December 5, 2010

Friday, and Saturday...

So on Friday Shay and Forrest had a few of their friends over, it was really fun, we played Xbox and a game called Dominion, which was really fun even though I was terrible at it. :P Actually, I didn't play the Xbox, which I am totally fine with, I would rather not be humiliated by my lack of skill. :P Three people came, BennyWesley and Chris.
Andy was there for part of the time.
It is dark in the basement, where they played, so the pictures are not good... at all. :P

Wesley got tired of me taking pictures. XD
Actually, I think he is looking at me like that because I had just said I didn't like bananas.... or Psych, I don't remember which...

He and I spent most of the time jokingly glaring at each other, about Psych, Hercule (our dog) and bananas, among other things. :P
Wesley and Hercule:

Shay and Benny working on his blog, I don't think they changed anything in the end, but they planned some.

Chris trying a cool game on my Zune. 
That is a terrible picture of me....
 Me.... again

We played Dominion 3 times, we as in Shay, Chris and I. =P

I took this picture that I am very happy with, I was in a hurry, so it turned out a little blurry.... but oh well. :P
I like it. ^_^ It is different... I think.... :P

Well, the rest of my family want to watch a movie, 
loooove you all!
Elisa. :)


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