Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas music

It is not even Christmas day and I am already sick of Christmas music. :P The only song that I am not tired of is this one:
I like other versions of it too, but this is one of my favorite ones. :P

I am really excited because I might be able to go see Tron with some of my very best friends. ^_^
Right now my little brothers and sisters are watching Galaxy Quest. It is soooo funny! :D I had not seen it in a while, then my dad got it for like 50 cents at some used movie store and we watched it. That sentence does  not make very much sense....
I found this very funny.

Could you tell I don't really have anything to talk about?
I finished my John Wayne shrinky-dink picture, It does not really look like him any more, his face got kind of squished when I baked it. :P That made me kind of sad. :'/
Since I have nothing else to say, then I will tell you a few things I could not live without:
1. Hand Sanitizer

2. Jello:
3. Marshmallows:
4. My Bible:   Actually mine is pink...
5. My camera:

My friends:
Yeah, that is not all, but unless I want to put you all to sleep, then I should go. :D


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