Saturday, October 30, 2010


We have been doing a lot of decorating lately, for our Church's reformation day celebration. :D :D It has been really fun and I will be sad when we have to take it all down. :P We roll tape and then put it on a chair, that way we can just pull it off of a chair quickly without rolling it and sticking it to the picture of whatever. It takes a while to do, and after a while it makes your hand hurt. :P
Scott took his sword and petrolled the halls. :D

It was pretty cool. :D

Tape face on Scott's pants. ^_^
This is us decorating. :) 
Scott taping Jared's mouth shut. LOL

I have to say one thing... don't leave me alone with a pair of scissors. :P I knelt down and let a pair jab into my knee it proved to be most painful.... :P :P :P So my legs are all scraped and bandaged up right now. :D
Kinda funny in a sad stupid way... :)

Elisa. :)


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