Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hmmmm..... interesting....

So recently I went to a day of public school, I have never set foot in a school and it was surprisingly fun! I didn't do all the classes, just a few. :) I wish I could go there more often, but the answer was no after a lot of deep though done by my parents. :P Oh well... One of the things that i really wanted to do there was Biology, I LOVE doing biology and I could have used a microscope there and everything... that would have been awesome. :P

Okay... So my Grandma sent these little bags of candy and toys for Halloween, like she does every year and inside were....... Bubbles!!!! I love bubbles, they are so cute! :D Especially blowing them into the fan so they shoot back at you. :D She also put chocolate in. I always save all the chocolate I get and put them in a little box in my dresser to save for my depression days. :P So I have a little stash in there right now. :D
These are pencils, my older siblings couldn't tell what they were. :P

So,one on my amazing friends took these pictures of me on Sunday. :)

I hope she does not mind me putting them up. ^_^

I like the way the blue looks with the pink.
You can see all the band-aides on my knees. >.< 

Hadley is AWESOME. 

So..... ummm... yeah.... Soon it will be Halloween! Sad to say... I have no costume... I guess I'll just show up in jeans and a tee. :D 
Really?... I have nothing to call this post... it is random.... so I shall name it something quite random!
Hee hee hee....
I'm tired.

This is what I caught my little brother doing in my room...
And yes... he is wearing my dress, scarf and hat. :P :P :P
time for dinner! Bye!
Elisa. :)


  1. Aw thanks! Of course you can post them :) You were fun to shoot :)

  2. beautiful pictures! :) nice post gj!


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