Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday :)

Today is Tuesday, so I am a little off, but I'm sick and might as well post. :) Last night...err.. this morning I fell asleep at 5:30 and now I am very tired. :P Blech. I hate insomnia. :S

Kerilynn, looking happy... as usual. :D

Joshua, He is so cute! It took quite a few tries before he would look at the camera. :)

My awesome friends. :)


My hand.... It was bright and my bracelet was sparkling . :)


Chris, with his super dark sunglasses. :D

Forrest and Nathan, hiding in the closet with the piano. Can Nathan's look be any more him-ish?

Ruby, with her SUPER cute hair!!!!!! It's so cute! :D

That was all the pictures I could take. :)

This Sunday, after the service, we has a BBQ outside. After helping the kitchen crew set up for the meal I was free to roam. A huge group had congregated across the street and so I went over there. Nothing much to say about this Sunday, so I have a feeling this post is kind of boring, :P

I just think this song is SO SWEET!!!!!! I love it. :)

This song makes me happy. :D It has such a catchy tune :)

( Yes Nathan, I bet you are sneezing huh?)

Well, I suppose that's all. :)

Goodbye! Until next post. :)


  1. "Just The Way You Are" is like my all time favorite song right now. :-)

  2. Nathan's look there is his signature "someday-I'm-going-to-be-a-famous-musician-and-this-picture-will-be-worth-millions" face.

  3. LOL. I bet that is what he is thinking! :D


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