Saturday, March 22, 2014

Young me is embarrassing. Yikes.

I just found my blog from the olden days. I was so happy. Why.

Things are pretty dang good. I graduated, and am figuring out what is going on with college and all that. (Going for child education, because kids are fun, and I love teaching) Only problem is getting a job first. Since I'm paying for everything, I need a job. (No duh.) I found my perfect job at Oil and Vinegar..But due to not enough hours and stuff, they sent me on my way after a couple of months. Since I didn't do half bad, I got a great  reference from there, so that's pretty great. I really enjoyed that job. I mean, talking to people about cooking all day, what gets any better than that? Finding a job when you are under 18 is harder than you would think.

Almost 2 1/2 years for my boyfriend and I. I think we're pretty great...

So yeah, I'm not even really sure why I'm posting this, except that it's 2am, I still have bad insomnia and am bored.

It's interesting how much people change. I guess while I had this blog I went through a phase where I liked girly stuff. Now..Not so much, and when I was a little kid..Not at all. I also had to google Tatooine, which I am deeply ashamed of. Because I love Star Wars now. I also used a lot of hearts and smiley faces... Also, chocolate..I liked that? I am not a massive fan of it anymore. Especially since it uses child labor.. Seriously horrible. Summer. I went through a phase where I liked that, I could have sworn I've always loved the rainy winters we have here in Oregon :P


  1. hey, if you don't mind working weekends and stuff, mcloughlin place is hiring for part-time dietary aides (like i am, soon to not be) As long as your 16 or over and can pass our drug test and background check you should most probably be able to get it. you can give my name if you end up applying. it is a tough job but is very rewarding and have the possibility of raises. i think it may be a good job for you as you are going to school to be around children and such. if you're interested, drop off your resume (cover letter would be nice too but not necessary) We are always looking for caregivers as well. i'm not sure if you still like me or not, but you probably wouldn't be working with me much anyways. Anyways, just wanted to let you know. ~kt

    1. Just now saw this, thanks Katy! I found a job at the mall last month (finally) so I'm good now! Yay!

      And I just wanted you to know, I never disliked you :)


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