Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mostly Camp... :D

This is me finally getting around to posting...:P I don't really have anything to say.. But just a few random tidbits as to what is going on! (Tidbits bother me. Not the thing themselves. The word. It sounds so tiddy....) But I do have a few things to tell you! :D
First. I decorated my waaaall! I put up pictures of all my friends :D I already told you that I had ordered them, but now they are up!
All the people in it are: Shay, Jewel, Jessica, AnnaLise, Kake, Hadley, Noelle, Lindsey, Juli, Raquel, Beka, AndreaLea, Michaela, Irene, Hannah, Chase, Fiona, Joseph, Forrest, Scott, Caleb, Andy, Daniel, Will, Wes, Sam, Benny, Nathan and David. I am sure I am missing a few people...Blah :P 
I think I have the most pictures of Noelle...haha XD
This is what it looks like now :D
The Doctor Who party was awesome (Yeah, I know that was a while ago, but whatever...) It was a blast. :D Katy started taking a video of us without us knowing and then posted it...We all look like really weird, totally nuts, loud teenagers wandering around talking. And half the things didn't make any sense.. it was awesome. I love my friends XD
Oh my gosh!!!!!!
I just remembered something to tell you. ^_^
I went to an all girls camp. :D It was only about what, 17 of us? It was awesome. We all stayed at the beach and played in the ocean. And screamed like over excited girly girls..haha It was really fun. :) There were no computers. No boringness. hehe. I like to say that. XD It was really awesome to get to know my girl friends better :)
This is the beach. Could you tell? :P
All of us girls. I really don't like the way I look in this picture,but they look adorable so whatever x)

This picture is a mess up...But it's weird. and I kind of like it. XD haha
I was very happy to get to know the girl in this picture. :D She is a sweetheart :D <3
Kake and Juli. Two of the most amazing, adorable girls in the world. :D <3
Yeah. We are so mature....
I love this girl so much. The end.
This dog, Cyprus, is so cute!!!!!!!!! 
That is just about it :P
School started up again. I hate math. I like science. I HATE MATH.
I like science. ;)
Totally random question of the post that sometimes has something to do with the post.
or whatever:
Are you back in school? How's it going? 
What is your favorite subject? 
<3 <3 <3
~Elisa, your friend who has had so much orange soda the past few days I am surprised that I have not gotten sick of it.. O.O and wishes that the weather would cool down and that I had an itouch. WANT.~


  1. Hi Elisa! I love the new (or at least sorta new-ish: I don't know how new it is because I haven't been blogging in forever) blog look. Anyways, it is original. The heart of photos on your wall is totally cute and I feel honored that I'm on it with Michaela. <3 <3 <3

  2. Actually, yes, school has begun. It's going well, so far. Need to wait for the weeks to start going by before I have a firm review to give. But for now, it's all-good.

    Loved the post!

  3. I love those pictures. Y'all are so cute!!<3<3

  4. I hate math AND science. Kinda. The End. :-P

    And school doesn't really start back for me... cuz I'm a senior and pretty much done for GOOD!!!! Can we say hallelujah?!

  5. @Andra: Thanks!! :D Of course you are there! Miss you LOTS! :) <3 :D

    @Daniel: Answer changed yet? :P Hopefully still going good! :D Thanks!

    @Kimmi: Thanks! :D <3

    @Hannah: Really? Hmm, at least you are almost done!! :D
    Whew! Almost Done? AAAWWESOMMME!!! :D


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