Saturday, August 20, 2011


Well Hello totally random person who has somehow found your way to this little blog...How are you? I know it has been a little while since I last posted...(Last post on the 11th) and for that I have one thing to say... "Sowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwyyyy!" For all those who care at least. The other people who don't can... Uh...Go eat a pie. Om nom nom.. 
Well I will tell you the reasons as to why I have not been blogging lately. I have nothing to say! As in nothing! 

So as you sit and munch your pie I will tell you what has been going on. (Could you tell that it was blueberry? Yuuuuuum.)
Things have been pretty slow around here..:P
I went to Snapfish and got 111 prints of pictures of all of my friends! I was pretty pumped about that. :D I pictures of Raquel, Shay, AnnaLise, Noelle, Beka, Hadley, Lindsey, Kake, Irene, Juli, Benny, Wes, Daniel, Nathan, Caleb, Forrest, Andy, Sam, Joseph, Will and Scott (a few other people too, but I am the only one that would know who they were so I will not really bother naming them...) ;). Along with some of things, like this:

Random pictures by me.
:D Then of course I got pictures of me and my friends, pictures of groups and pictures of converse circles (Who couldn't?!)
So like, every night for the past three days I have been like having. These really really weird nightmares! It's really weird.. :P
So like last night I dreamed that this man with totally black eyes was chasing me around a circus with black, gray and other dark colored tents. He was never farther than three feet away and could always reach out and grab me. I kept ducking into tents to try and escape but as soon as my eyes adjusted to the light I would see creatures that looked kind of like the creatures in I Am Legend jerkily crawling along the ceilings of the tents and then dropping down on top of me. Kind of like human spider things...There were also demon possessed clowns (with red and black eyes), spiders, a freak show and other seriously creepy things.
XD Hopefully I wont have them tonight.....
Someone should do something for me just cuz they want to. ^_^ They should buy me a bottle of these:
Cuz they seriously work. :D Okay, maybe I should just buy them myself..
Yeah. I'll do that. 
Random Youtube video!!!!
Almost memorized! The rap part is kind of hard. I just listen to it and after a few times I can sing a long with it! Usually...Not with this one...

It's like Just a Dream by Nelly! Listened to it twice and had it completely memorized. I could recite it perfectly without the music.
BOO YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.......*long pause for affect*........
I guess this has gotten a little long, so
I shall bid you goodbye!
I listened to that for the first time today....I like it. ^_^
<3 <3 <3
~Elisa- Your friend who thinks that Google+ hangouts are da bomb, that iced coffee should be colder without all that blasted ice, and hopes that all her nightmares scare themselves away tonight.~ ;)


  1. You should get that nightmare checked out...

    I guess everyone has heard that song (Fire up the Bass Cannon).

    I love Weezer! At least most of their songs (I'm referring to the video you posted) are okay. This one is probably their best.

    Great post!

  2. Good post! Gotta say, the title really does fit the post itself. :P

  3. All the randomness! in.... Ah, there. I processed it all.
    I hope your nightmares do scare themselves far away.
    Love your blog!

  4. @Daniel: Yeah...I know..I really should XP
    Oh...I hadn't. :P Way to make me feel behind! hahaha XD jk

    @Wes: Yeah...It does fit... XP Thanks! :D

    @Collin: Haha, sorry about the randomness. XD
    Thanks, I hope they are scary, for their own sake ;)
    Aww! Thanks!!! :D and thanks for the comment too! :)


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