Friday, July 1, 2011

Ramblings...That don't last very long. :)

Well, I am in one of those moods again. The ones that you don't really want to do anything. The kinds that you are feeling down, but have no reason or clue as to why. :) Good thing these things don't last more than one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Don't worry. This post is not going to be me complaining. :D
But right now I want nothing more than to sit around, listen to Disney Soundtracks and eat candy. Sounds good! I have an orange soda in the freezer!! :D
Now, if I could sing. I would SO sing this for something. :D I guess I would have to find someone to sing it with me.... Rats.. :P lol
I suppose you could all tell by now that I really really like this movie. YEP! I have watched it at least 10 times and could always watch it again. :D :D :D
The thing about this 30 day challenge is that unless I want to get a word or two in about my life, I have to post twice a day! And I don't like doing that. :P Everything get's pushed to the bottom waaay to quickly. :P Also....WHAT ON EARTH IS A SONG THAT DEFINES ME?!?!?! I have thought and thought and thought but! I can't think of any! I suppose it should be happy...I think... But I have gone through every single Owl City song (mostly cuz I was told not too... >:) but I didn't find one there...But that does not surprise me. x) Wow. My brothers have their little friend, Christopher, over and they are being especially noisy today... :P lol As I end this post I have one more thing to say........ Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi both have amazing voices. :)

<3 <3 <3
Elisa K!!! :D
So. Question of the post. (I have never really done this before... O.O) What song do you think defines me?
My mom says 'We got the beat' by the Gogo's... O.O lol!!!!!!


  1. hey i loooooooove your background and your title. it is awesooooooome!!!! Sierra
    PS I don't have a blog, but enjoy reading yours. I am 10 yrs old and I am homeschooled. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, we live on a dairy farm.

  2. I <3 Tangled!! You won my give away!!! Go check it out!!

  3. I love "When will my life begin" and "mother knows best" but I don't like "I see the light", cuz of the lyrics XD.

  4. loooooooooooooooove tangled.

    i love the song, "i have a dream" it's so catchy, like it was meant for broadway, right?


  5. Hi Sierra! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! :D I am glad you read my blog! ^_^

    Aww, I love them all. :)

    Oh yes. Very catchy. haha! It goes through my head for days! ^_^
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING! :D I went to blogger and saw 4 comments and was like "naw. Blogger has problems" haha! Thanks! x)


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