Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Title here....................." yeah. I am that creative. :P (not.)

So, I have been told that my posts get to long. So I am gonna make them a whole lot shorter. :P Hehe. :D
First things first. I stink at the waltz. STINK. :P I have been able to do the basic box step for a really long time, I just can't get the traveling!!! I wish I were better. Maybe it is because I didn't have much time dancing with an actual partner... But I doubt it. Thanks Caleb for trying. x)
My little brother and sister are watching the Pink Panther Cartoon. The old old ones. :) I still laugh when they come on. hehe
I am so dead tired. I have no idea why...I am just exhausted!!!!!!!
O...I am really getting no where on this post...
What do you think of the new blog look? Yay? Ewwy? It's cheesy and girly. Very cheesy. And very girly. But that is okay..I don't think I have many dude followers that actually read. lol Do I? No...I don't..I don't think..>.O
Yesterday was my first dance class.... that was a failed attempt. Although I got all the moves right off..(Maybe that is because I already knew the ones they were teaching) It was entirely made up or older people! Not as in old..As in old old. Like 65 old. I had to dance with them..They were just about all of them were very strange. One of them started to get kind of mad! He was an ehem..."older gentlemen".But right as we started to dance (we all switched partners) he asked my name. "Elisa" I replied. "Elishizah?" Now this is where the trouble started. He was so convinced that i was saying my name incorrectly that he started to say "Elishizah! Elishizah! Elishizah!" over and over again. I am not sorry to say that the dance did not last long. Another gentleman had the steps all wrong. I know because, I had just been practicing on Sunday and I kind of already know the box step..Like the back of my hand. As we danced he got offbeat. (Apparently in his mind I was "offbeat.") but he started to glare at me and jerk me places! I was just thinking  "Oh my gosh! I know this dance veryveryveryveryvery well! I don't think I am doing this wrong!" I am not sad to say this partner did not stick with me for very long either. :P Yeah..So I am not sure I am going back..... >.O
McGyver. While watching this show I found three things out. You had better not loose his knife, that one of my best friends has never seen it and that this show is epic. (the last of which I already knew..) Richard Dean Anderson is da man. :D It is so old and cheesy! The way he stops the bomb with one second to spare, the way he disarms a bomb with a safety pin and the way things explode. Oh yes. Big explosions. Big.
Well! I will see ya all! Well. Some of you. :P
I am hanging out with a couple of  my awesome friends later!! :D Yay!!! :D
<3 <3 <3
Elisa :):):)


  1. I KNOW HOW TO WATLZ! Like the back of my hand. Were you talking about leading? Is that what you were having trouble with?

    PS-The pink letters are hard to read at times.

  2. No, I have trouble with traveling! For some reason I just can't get it! :P I LOVE to waltz! I just wish I could do it more often. lol

    Really? What color do you suggest? :P I was kinda thinking the same thing, But I didn't really know what color. xP Thanks for telling me that! :D

  3. Black is the ideal color, but just as long as the color is dark and doesn't give you a headache when you look at it.

  4. Ahh...Okay! I shall change it to black then! :D

  5. Wow. Haha, i think i would be kinda creeped out if that hapened to me. only a litle. :P (the old ppl part)

    i am sure u are fine at the waltz. ur just over thinking it. lol :)

    macgyver is one of the most awsome shows ever! i <3 it! Ur blog is funny. it makes me laugh quite alot.


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