Monday, May 23, 2011

Just a random post.. I can never think of a good name for these things!!! :P

I have been told that I have not posted lately. So here is me posting! :D YAY!
So. Today I was notified that I needed something at the store. So I geared up with my very happy colored Aeropostale t-shirt and  my rubber boots to face the dangers of the world to go on the quest to find some orange soda. Or... Maybe it was the noodles that my mom needed so that my older sister and I could successively create the totally unpopular dish Macaroni and cheese for dinner.. But orange soda sounds cooler. So I will stick with that. On the way I was required to take a slight detour due to the fact that there was a very interesting character in an orange jump suit thing wandering around with a very.. um... interesting look on his very scary face. There were also some construction workers blocking the sidewalk. But! While on my detour I saw two things that made me very bummed that I was not carrying my camera at the moment. One, a very pretty dogwood with amazing pink flowers that were so thick they looked like a large cloud of pink happiness. The second was a completely different change of mood, they were a patch of tulips that were such a dark purple that they looked almost black! I thought they were pretty cool. :) But both had one thing in common... They both made me sad that I had left my camera at church. :P Oh well... I will be able to carry my little friend around tomorrow! :D And. I forgot one of the main reasons I went up there. To get a stamp so that I could send out a letter to my grandpa in Washington. Rats. At least I didn't forget my orange soda!!!! :D But then again... Who could forget something like that... It's like forgetting you just had a monster drink and that you are on a sugar high. Impossible.
I learned the Nightclub 2-step yesterday! I will admit.. It took me forever to get the spin mastered. But thanks to Bryan (again...) and his infinite patience, I finally got it. Next time I am going to wear my ballet flats with slippery bottoms so that I can spin better. :P Now I know (not very well, but I can still do them) West Coast Swing, East coast Swing, the Hustle, a little of the Nightclub 2-step, the waltz and then all the contra dancing we do at our church. :) I love to dance. If I had the money I would want to take lessons. :P
A friend of my sister's came over and spent the night the other day, we all sat around her laptop reading the exploding dog bloggy thing. It was hilarious. Being late at night we were all kind of loony and went through 39 pages of it. xD We found ones for some of our friends that matched them... She came up with this one and posted it to my facebook wall. x) I am the happy monster and my older sister is the one with coffee wondering why I am happy. xD I like this picture. Next profile pic? Maybe...
Yay! This picture is not at all edited! And I like it! Which is unusual for me, I don't usually like my pictures... :P
All of the following are not at all edited.. :) :)
A horse... In case you couldn't tell. Oh... You could? Well Sorreee!
My cute history class buddies. :) The girls that is... :P

I do have an edited copy of this picture, but this is not it. :)
Well... Yeah... Now I have posted.... Yep. :D I am sorry. This one has a lot of words. :P I hope you did not get too bored... : /
<3 <3 <3
Elisa. :):):)
p.s... If you have a favorite post that I have written.. Tell me on the last post that I wrote, or even this one, if you prefer. If you don't have a favorite post then... Well... Comment telling me you don't have a favorite! Unless you don't have a favorite post because you don't like any.. Then you can just go away. lol.. Actually don't.


  1. I've had my fill of orange soda, and I must admit, I'm quite sick of it. Sorry :D

  2. O.O HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!?!?!?! *shuuuuuun*

    Just how could you have your fill? Did you like, drink it all the time when you were sick or something? :P

    Thanky you for commenting. ;)


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