Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Spring! It's Spring! It's Spring! Happy happy happy me!!!!!! :D :D

Caution... really long post with no purpose whatsoever. :P 
First things first. My beautiful, wonderful, amazing all around awesome friend Kerilynn got a blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the name, the way she says things and her, go read it if you want some  laughs and good artwork. She is an amazing artist... like... amazing. O.O Here it is: My Swirly Brain. a.k.a Kerilynn's blog isn't that an epic name? :D I love it. :) Because I can totally see her when I read it... ^_^  I also have a feeling that she will do really well in the blog world, because everyone loves Kerilynn, because she is funny, because she is an amazing artist and because... she just will. :)

Next! My camera was out of batteries for a few days and so I wandered around the house making "unearthly noises" and searching for spare ones like some kind of creepy ghost. But! Then....... I found some and was filled with joy once again! :D  I missed the snapping and clicking of a camera. Also, I missed that all those epic (and some embarrassing) moments that were not caught on photograph. >:) I am so nice. Say it! Say I am nice! SAY IT! Okay fine....
I have also been denying that it is still a little chilly outside and have been wearing shorts and t-shirts. :) But Sunday! Oh  Sunday! Sundayy I was wearing a springy dress and was WARM!!! I went barefoot and the pavement was hot!!!!! It made me so happy!!! :D :D :D :D :D That evening after the dance session thing, I went outside, lay in the grass and read my astronomy magazine for like the, hundredth time. :D It was so awesome. :) Too bad my older sister came out and ruined the moment by taking pictures of me... and that was pretty hard to do... because I had an orange soda. Yep. I am addicted. I live for orange soda. It is so amazing. And orange lollipops. And the fruit. Yup. Oranges are awesome. :) But here is some of the damage that was done to poor me:
The orange soda shows it's beautiful self!!!!!

Yeah... so....
On April 18th I turned 15! I know that was a long time ago, but still! Now I am another normal fifteen year old, with a normal blog in a very normal world. Am I not normal? Actually.... Don't answer that....
Today was yet another beautiful day. It started out a little cold, but I braved it and wore a t-shirt and shorts anyways. :D
I went outside today and ran around like a six year old. Ignoring the fact that I had homework to do, that my room needs to be cleaned, that I should probably start dinner and that I had a speech to work on. And for that moment-that very moment.. I made a fool out of myself (which is not very hard to do... Harharhar...) and completely forgot that I was fifteen. It was awesome. I ran wildly around with our dog, chasing him and yelling. The world is beautiful. ^_^
But-I also took pictures. :) And had pictures (...and pictures... Why me?!?!?) taken of me! 
Here are some of the monstrosities that I took: (I hope that is how to spell it.................)
All I know is that I love that word.... >-<
Actually, looking at them now I do see how terrible they are! But I guess I can blame that on the fact that they are not edited... like.. at all. :P lol

 Zeke! The birthday boy!!!

 I hope he doesn't mind this picture... :P lol

 This picture makes me dizzy...................... O.O

 Zeke and his friend Charity... Oh gosh, it was so cute!!!

Right now I am supposed to be doing my History Homework. I have a six page report to do on a war of my choice. I picked World War one and have about 2 3/4 pages done. That doesn't count the 12 pages of info that I have. But making it all into complete sentences makes it shorter. :P Yay! I like this assignment! :D It's actually fun! :)
So, in one of my other posts I said that I was uber pumped because I had my "own" room. I guess I should tell you why I was so happy, huh? All my life I have had to share a room with at least two other people. So, suddenly changing to... one little boy. Was like, the most exciting thing that happened to me that day. :P lol Actually, sharing a room with an 8 year old brother is harder than I thought it would be... I have come to think that his favorite past time is to get into my stuff and invite his brothers to come and join him in his quest to gather all my stuff up and... destroy it. Oh well, even if he is really silly, weird and can be annoying I love him. I mean, who couldn't? He is just so cute!!! x) 
This post has actually taken me a really long time to type up, because every time I start someone comes over and tries to take the computer.. and being the sweet, amazing, generous girl I am,(well... maybe only a little of each... if even that. >:) I give it to them. :)
Did I ask you what you thought of the new background? Just in case--What do you think? It makes my blog look a little less professional (harharhar) so if it were not for the fact that the robots were not just so cute, I would scrap it. :P lol
So, I am sure I have said this before, but- Every Sunday (well, they do get canceled.. :P) is this awesome dance thing that one of the dudes in the church is putting on! It is awesome and I think that it is pretty cool that he is taking the time to teach all us dancing noobs how. :P I love it so much! It is so fun and I found out how much I love to dance. It is like, my favorite thing to do... :D We do danced like West Coast Swing and stuff like that. :D Every week I find myself looking forward to Sundays, one of the reasons being that. :) :) :) It is also really fun to see myself improve in something. ^_^ If I had the money, I would totally take lessons. I want to get gooooood. Hehehe, 
Okay... Facebook takes a really long time to uplaod pictures............. O.O
Here is another random thing I feel like saying:
I am so dumb. :P I recently found out how to make these awesome chat things on Facebook and got really excited with them. I found out how to make a penguin, a creepy looking guy's head, a robot, a pacman, a shark, and a couple of other things... I am so slow. x)
Actually, now I have been working on this post for three days. I have to change today to yesterday.. and then yesterday to Sunday.. and then Sunday.. no, actually, Sunday can stay the way it is. ^_^ I loved Sunday.
Do you guys want to see something really really really really weird?? Well, here it is!!!
Making babies cry- Prepare for total weirdness overload!!!! You can skip this video if you must... but don't skip the next one! ^_^

Now for something a little more normal. If I were a singer, I would learn this song. Totally. I love it. :D I have no clue that made me like it so much... I just do. :) And I am not one for those, beeeeelieve in yourself songs. :P I know they are true... It's just so overused. :P

Anyways! I have places to go! People to see (Well, actually not really) but I do have stuff to do! Like drink orange soda (the drink that came from above) and eat cookie dough ice cream. ^_^ Call me weird.. But I had never had cookie dough until really really recently.. Because I don't like cookie dough (well, at least I don't think I do, I have not had it in a while....) Anywho! I had not had it, but I tried the ice cream and now I know that it is filled with cookie yumminess. :) Hehe
Bye! Actually... I don't feel so hot. My head hurts....
<3 <3 <3
Oh yeah... I would really appreciate if your prayed for this amazing girl, she really needs them right now. :')
Thanks! :)

p.s Blogger is being weird and making it so that I have to specify that I want comments.. So sometimes I forget to push that button and you are not able to comment. :P So, if you have something to say and can't comment than you could come back later and usually I remember... :P So... Come back if you want to say something and comment!!! :) Pleeeeeeeease? x)


  1. awww thanks:D good times yesterday!!!<3

  2. Wow... You really go off on this post don't you......

  3. Facebook doesn't take *that* long to upload photos, only when you have around 100.

  4. Gee thanks Nathan! You know other people who see this are going to think you are some really mean dude.. O.O lol


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