Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A fairly odd post...

Hi all! first things first: Thanks again for following! I am at 41 now without having a giveaway or anything... Yes. This is a big deal for me. Don't laugh. Stop it. STOP IT! Thank you.
Just so you know.. This post doesn't really have a topic. :P
Warning: Let it be told that the nest sentence is dripping with sarcasm. So much so that it is collecting on the floor beneath the table in which I am sitting at in massive and not at all pleasant puddles.
I love headaches.
There. I said it. You had to painfully endure that moment of utter sarcasm. Now I will say something that is not at all drippy, not at all sarcastic and I will say it very venomously.
I hate headaches.
It's kind of funny, but right after I turn off the light, jump into bed, and look out my favorite window at the tree I can see from it, everything I want to say comes flooding to me. All the posts I want to write, things like that. All the posts that I do write during the night tend to be more likely to make the reader (If I do have readers.... >.O) giggle or laugh (or even crack a smile, I would be happy with a crack of one... Do you ever smile while reading my blog?) But anywho! That is why, propped up by my window, on my little white windowsill is my special blue gel pen and my notebook. Most everything (actually, everything) that I write in the notebook is from moonlight.. Which means that in the morning, when I open the book to see what random inspirations that I had during the night (most of which I don't even remember writing..............) is bearably audible and  certainly weirdly written.... I have completely missing words or letters, and "cup" is often mistakenly read for "cub". So, if Mr. Moon whats-a-face would kindly give me a little more light by shining a little brighter and thus making it so that I wouldn't have to spend well over an hour trying to decipher what looks like German, I would be much obliged.  As I survey my room I see a few things. One of which is that it needs to be cleaned... The floor is littered with comics, converse,  stuffed animals and some random smart looking books. :P I also see- On my dresser is my new jar of old antique marbles that my Grandma gave me! (my Gaggy gave them to me!) They are so cool. I have always liked marbles and have a large jar filled with them. But these ones only add epicness to my already pretty cool collection. :D They were in one of those really old blue glass canning jars, but my dad fell in love with it and told me that by putting my marbles in it would break. Whatever. But I gave it to him because he is awesome and I love him. :) But! While I was at her house the other day I ventured outside and behold! I saw some old toys that brought back so many memories. The noise making plastic turtle that was given to me as I baby, but was not able to keep because my mom didn't like the noise. Thus, it lived at her house and I played with it everytime I went to her house. Old kelly dolls were also in the creaky cupboard, along with hot wheels, tinker toys and the scary singing elmo. Good memories. :)
Ugg. I think I pulled something in my shoulder. All I know is it really hurts and I don't like it very much... :P Oh well, hopefully it wont hurt so much (every time I move!!!) tomorrow. :P lol I didn't appreciate being able to bend down without your back killing you! Who knew! :D
 Well, I finally got the laptop to give me my pictures... It wouldn't work before...and now it does.. I don't know. :P
<3 <3 <3
Elisa :):):)


  1. I loved this post! And I thoroughly enjoy how you keep a notebook and pen by your window for your "moonlight" thoughts...how fun! :D

  2. Haha..yes that's all I could think of, you make me laugh girly! :P

  3. Hi! On my blog I'm going to be publishing guest posts once a month. I would love to have you enter one of your posts. If you're interested, the form is on my sidebar and I would be happy to answer any questions!



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