Saturday, April 9, 2011

The thirty day challenge~~ Day 28!!! :)

Day 28 - A picture of something you're afraid of.
Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile.
Day 30 - A picture of someone you miss.

I am sure some of you already know what this one is........ o.O
Poor little girl....

And if you don't, then read this post and you will soon find out!!! ↓
p.s, for all those who read it a while ago, it has been updated a little bit. >:) But not without a price... I think those pictures will haunt me forever. and ever. and ever. 
I think I am going to have nightmares.................................. O.O
<3 <3 <3


  1. HAHA! Clowns creeep me out! Once there was this clown on stilts at a fair I was at, it was creepy!

  2. Yuuuuck. They are creepy. I hate them. :P


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