Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pictures, Russian singer (you may be thinking "Oh great") and Holmes. :D

I know this has already made it's rounds on the internet and everyone has already seen it... but...
I love this song so much. It is so creepy and awesome. Normally I think bass voices are awesome..................................but not for him. 
I think this song is cool. :)

Hey! If you are tired and want to watch something with no purpose other then to laugh your head off and try to act serious and failing, look up "trololololol" on Youtube and you will find some pretty funny videos, hours of mindless entertainment,a fast simple way to bring down your IQ, and suppressed laughter because you can't believe you are waisting your time watching all those frivolous, fluffy, stupid and yet hilarious videos. I didn't even try to suppress it and laughed REALLY hard... but part of that might have been the fact that I was tired.... DO IT! 

I am really happy because I just looked at my sitemeter and I have an average of 45 views per day, with an average of 65 page views each day!!! :D W00t! What did you think of the Spring pictures? I am kind of happy with them, but not very much. I am still mad that I can not upload pictures.... I am taking Sam's advice and trying to delete them off of the Picassa site.... whatever that is. The thing that has all my pictures that I have ever put on my blog..... I am so tech savvy aren't I?
*goes to another page and starts to click on things*
*squeal of joy*
*Goes back to Blogger page*
It worked! IT WORKED!! IT WORKED!!!!!
*Jumps around the room giggling and doing the happy dance*

Well, what do you think???
I have MANY MANY MANY more. I took tons of Flynn Rider, (my little ladybug that I kept for about half an hour and took pictures of. He was very photogenic! Until he flew away. Goodbye dear little Flynn Rider. I loved you.... just not when you dove down deep into the grass and made it very difficult to take pictures of your cute little red and black self. I shall miss you.)
Why is the grass blue????
 I was going to wait till I could edit them, but I have only edited them once before and decided to put them up as the way I had taken them. :) Also, this way I can say: "Oh, you like that picture? Awww, that is so sweet of you to say so! You know I didn't edit them at all???"
I think I should go to bed.... :P

 Flynn Rider!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

 I took these two for a walk today. They were so cute as they walked down the street hand in hand. People stared and some waved at them. IT WAS SO ADORABLE! Every time Joseph let go of her hand with out meaning to Noelle would shriek and say  "Hand! Hand! Hand!" Until they were holding hands once again. ^_^

 Cuteness overload!!! :D :D :D

I sure hope deleting all those pictures did not change my posts too much.... >,<
 I am using 950 MB (92.84 percent) of of my 1024 MB.... Hmmmmmmmmm.
We watched Sherlock Holmes the other day
Robert Downey (I think) is a very cool Sherlock Holmes. :) And I love the fact that he says "Discombobulate"
And Jude Law is TOO COOL as Watson!!! :D
I like this movie. :)
<3 <3 <3


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