Monday, March 14, 2011

Thirty day challenge~Day four...:P And the dance!

I am afraid that I have not been doing a good job on this thirty day thing.... :P :P I was supposed to put a picture of my night... a few nights ago.... but here it is!
Day four: a picture of your night:
I am afraid mine is not very interesting.... xP
Told ya. 

Now for some interesting things! :D
On Friday night was a dance. Any dance leaves me extremely happy and this (I think)  was a pretty good dance! We danced from like 6:30pm to like 11:00 pm! It was so fun!!! I love to dance. ^_^ If I ever get to put on a dance someday, then it will be a very long one. :D Those who want to leave can leave! And those (smart people) who want to keep on having fun can stay! :D And... If I ever get a dance, it will be black, white and red. Which means, everyone who comes would have to wear black white and red! (Or red... :P) The one thing I was really bummed about is that I forgot my camera! ME! ME! ME! How could I?!??!?! Especially since I had been thinking about it all day.... :P :P :P Blehhhhhh. : /

Isn't it terrible when someone asks you a question or something and you mean to give an answer, but instead you make some weird noise?????????? Like a weird little squeak or something???????? I hate it. It is so embarrassing........ and hilarious....... xD

I am planning to cut down on how often I post.... I think I post too often... :)

Yesterday it was raining so crazy hard! It was awesome! I had not walked a block and I was so wet. :D Heeheehee.

I love Tangled. It is such an amazing movie... and I have seen it six and a half times now. xD
I love this part, and this song.
I love the colors
I love "The Frog" Pascal. 
I love the fact that he climbed up the tower using arrows. (So cool!!)
I love Flynn and his "smolder"
So cute.

And I love love love love Maximus.
I love the king and queen. If I were to cry in any part of the movie, it would be at the part where the king and queen look so heart broken and the king is crying. D':
And I love the fact that they just can't get his nose right. xD
But that's enough pictures... I am sure you all got the point. :D
<3 <3 <3
Me: "Tell me what you know about photosynthesis."
Person who will most likely appreciate being left un-named: "Awww, Noooo! I don't know anything about cameras!"


  1. Ah, I LOVE TANGLED!!!!!! Best cartoon EVER!!! =D

  2. Isn't it?!?!?! :D
    I gasped when I saw this. Literally. I was happy to get your comment! :D

  3. this movie was so cute:)
    The "dog", i mean horse had us laughing:)


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