Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A bunch of pictures of Annalise and some funny things.. they are not funnily written, the thing itself was funny... I think... it was funny at the time....

hehehe... the post title is a little strange....
So, on Friday Annalise came over and we walked around the neighborhood being completely and totally CRAZY! After that I went and spent the night at her house! To me it was an amazing fun visit in which we ran around outside, took HUNDREDS of pictures, at ice cream, went nuts, giggled over nothing, watched movies (Charlie St. Cloud was ssooooooooo good!!!!) and bothered her little brother Wally. Actually, on the last one we didn't do so much of. :D But-to other people it meant thousands of random facebook statuses, "hacking" each others accounts and HUNDREDS of pictures cluttering up their news feed until they were inclined to block us until we settled down a little bit... Ah. Good times. ^_^ As for the pictures- here are a few!!! (few?!?!?)
Since I still can't upload pictures I am putting them up on Facebook and then copying and pasting from that... this may take a while. :P There are 96 pictures on Facebook.... don't worry. I wont put them all up.... xD
I am still not a very good photographer and the pictures did not turn out all that well... :P

I walked along the wall (it is this large wall.. that is kind of high of the ground.) 
Trying to scare Annalise...

What do you think???

At one point a few little boys decided it would be great fun to pummel us with airsoft bullets and did so until Ryan came out and tried to scare them off... which only succeed in making them turn on him, and in his turn got his reward of many flying pellets until he was forced to retreat. We all ran until we were out of their range... but that did not stop them! They hit the Mustang that was parked in front of Ryan's house. Ouch. Those thing's alarms are crazy loud....  Which.. made the owner (I think it was Conner... at least that is what Ryan yelled after a large guys head was stuck out the window and a large face was turned on us... that was when we realized we were standing RIGHT next to that Mustang....) I instinctively yelled "We didn't do it!!!!!!!!!!!" and Ryan was inclined to explain. Yeah... fun stuff. I do have one thing to say-- That guy, Ryan, can make a very strange noise when running at small children with frightening guns.
Annalise thinks I should name my camera peekaboo......... 0.o
It was really fun and an amazing ending to Spring break..actually. I didn't really take Spring Break off.. my mom said I could, but I decided that I just had to much to do to take a break. Let alone one that is an ENTIRE week! xD
<3 <3 <3 
p.s Thirty followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O I am so happy and I love you guys!
Kudos to all those who made it through this post and all the pictures on FB. *high five* 


  1. These are AWESOME pictures! I especially love the ones with the red-white striped background. :)


  2. I like the sixth shot! Well done. :)


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