Thursday, March 3, 2011

After talking to a friend last night he said that I could use this time being sick to post! Which, of course... I had not really thought of... :P

While being sick I watched a few movies. One of which was Camp Rock. Yes. I watched it. xP It was pretty corny and I did not like it very much, I would rather watch High School Musical. :D But it was kind of cute. And! I don't like the Jonas Brothers (Even though they do have nice hair. lol) they seem so stuck up! Gah!

Don't those boys look like they take themselves waaaay to seriously?
 The only  one that does not look *so* stuck up is the one that is smiling..... what's his name. :P Sean. (that is what his name is in the movie)
So now I am watching good ol' Monk. :D
I don't have anything else to say... :P
Crackers and apple juice sounds really good right now. 
I shall go off into random subjects now. :D I have this really horrible wall paper in my room. At least I think it is horrid. It has little flowers and is peeling in places where it got attacked by little children to reveal the most ghastly color green. :P I want to get it painted black gray and pink. I want black and pink. But I don't know, that may look a little creepy. :D I don't like pink, but I think it would be cute in a room, I just don't like to wear it. :D Never mind.... 
<3 <3 <3
Elisa:) :) :)
p.s It is raining! Really hard!!!


  1. Maybe I should see this movie. :) In my opinion, Joe is a jerk, Kevin is maybe nice but rather ugly, and Nick... Nick is nice and has fabulous hair. :)

  2. I agree with you allll the way. xD Except I don't think that Kevin is ugly, I think he has a nice... different face. :P


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