Thursday, November 4, 2010


First I will do Juli's:
1.Who are your role models? I have a couple, but I, like Shay, don't want to freak them out....
2. If you could spend one day with someone who is dead, who would it be? 
Mrs. Rogers (Or 'Grandma Bonnie')
3. Favorite book(s) besides the Bible? 
The Luckiest girl- Beverly Cleary
4. What is the background picture on your computer? 
I'm going to do on my Zune, because I don't really control what get's put on my parents computer. :P So, one of me and Kerilynn together or one of Kerilynn, Irene, Andy, Sam and a couple of other people and I holding our hands in a heart shape over out converse.

5. Favorite tool, be it a pencil, whisk, or sawzall(however you spell that :-p): 
6. Favorite verse or passage of the Bible? 
I don't know... I have a lot...
7. Country or city, and why? 
 City... like New York, all the stores. ^_^
8. Favorite song to dance to? 
Jai Ho!!!!!!!!!!!
Now Nathan's:
1. If you could go anywhere in the world for a whole day without a cost, where would it be?Alaska ( if it were summer here. :P) or Rome
2. If you could go to any concert, whose would it be?Lifehouse.
3. What famous actor/singer would you like to meet the most?Hmmm.... Maybe Taylor Swift
4.What item that you would like very much to purchase?An ipad or a skateboard. 
5. What is(or was) your favorite school subject?Biology!!!!!!
6. If you could stop production of anything what would it be?Bratz dolls
7. Who should mow the lawn? ME!
8. What is a lifetime occupation you would most like to pursue?Astronaut.

Now my questions!!!! I'm just going to use my old ones, because nobody even did my tag. :'(:D1. What is your favorite YouTube video ever?

2. If you had to get rid of all your movies but one, what would it be?

3. Do you like ruffles on yourself or a girl?

4. What food can you not stand?

5. What do you think of black nail polish?

6. If you got to do one super crazy thing with no consequences, what would it be?

I tag these awesome people:

Yay for Beka, Juli and Nathan for tagging me!!! :D :D :D


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