Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jello, and other odd ramblings.

I love Jello, it is my passion in life. Well. Not really a passion, but it sounds better that way. ^_^ It is one of my favorite foods then.
"But wait!" Some of my friends might cry in disbelief  "What about mike and Ikes?" But, I don't really consider them food, they are candy, and don't even get me started on my 'passion' for candy! Except for Peanut butter and chocolate candy. EWWWW!!!!!!!!!! Don't even argue with me when I say it was concocted by drunk fools, because you would be wrong, and i would have to tell you so. Well, I guess you can argue, if you really feel it is your life's purpose to defend the peanut butter chocolate mix. Even if you don't feel a calling, you just feel you should shout your views on your favorite candy to the world, then feel free, unless you would rather whisper it. Both are fine with me.
Oh yeah! Jello!
 Jello castles, jello squares, pink jello...                        Flint!

Great people like Jello. 
Wait... why am I posting on Jello? I must be really bored...
 I hate my bedroom door with such a vengeance it is kind of sad. I wont make this long, being about something as boring as a door,but as many people know, I don't sleep well at night, but if i want to leave my room it's
I have to slowly open it until I can slip through!
"Open it quickly!" You may be thinking.
But NOOOOO!!!! Not this door, if I tried that, my Dad would come shooting out of his room like a rocket shouting
"Who screamed! Tell me who screamed!"
Then I would say "the door" and then look frightfully silly saying the door screamed and end up going to bed wearing the cone of shame for waking up the entire house at 3 in the morning. :P I thought I said this would not be long... there see? I lied. bad me. I am tired. Could you tell?
My little brother sleeps in my room and has night terrors, poor little boy. :( We will both be asleep in our beds, peacefully dreaming about cakes, horses and Sundar Singh when he will randomly sit up in bed and start screaming bloody murder.  I will jump out of bed faster then light could ever dream of going and be beside his bed before my eyes are even open. After hushing and calming him down, I will suddenly realize how wide awake I am, and that my eyes are bigger then dinner plates. Sometimes I don't wake up, but most of the time I do. :P He has to sleep on a mattress on the floor, partly because he tosses and turns so much that he woul fall off the bed. and he did... all the time. Until he started to sleep on the floor. Poor little guy. :(
The next morning I will ask him why he screamed and he will start  this long monologue about spiders, long legs and things crawling on his hands, only half of which I can understand. Sometimes he will start to whimper in his sleep and I can call from my bed "Joseph, shhh, it's okay" and he will quiet down, which is nice. :D
I used to have 'hallucinations' a couple times they were pretty scary, so I think I can understand. One time I woke up to find a man piling money on top of me and trying to suffocate me with it. (Weird, yes, he was saying "I guess this stuff serves one purpose") I tried to hit him and he disappeared.  Another time I was brushing my teeth and looked in the mirror and saw a man behind me with a bandanna around his face. I spun around and he was gone. :P I have not seen anything sense I was 13, and hope to never again. :D
Elisa. :)
0.-  <---  I love that face. ^_^


  1. Hahaha! This really made me laugh :) I love the way you describe things. I didn't know you used to have hallucinations. I have a friend who sees dragons and also sees people in the mirrors....creepy!
    I love Jello too. And Flint is cool :)

  2. Dragons? Craazy. :D
    I got it from our Irish side. :P

  3. That was so funny!

    "But NOOOOO!!!! Not this door, if I tried that, my Dad would come shooting out of his room like a rocket shouting
    "Who screamed! Tell me who screamed!"
    Then I would say "the door" and then look frightfully " Just amazing :P


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