Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Subjects. :)

Okay, I love the mall... it's just fun! Yes! That is it! Fun! Hmmmm..... that's not right.... Any who!

I got black converse!!!! Joy!!! Mine were in shreds and I needed a new pair very badly... :P

 For some reason our computer wont let me put pictures on this post. :(  Sadness... every time I try, the internet shuts off. :P

Yes!!!!!! It's working again! These are my old converse.↑
And these are my new!!!!!! ↓

They even have gir laces. :)

It is fuzzy. :P

This is GIR.  :D :D :D He is soooo cute!!!!! I got the shoelaces from Hot Topic, they had a lot of awesome Invader Zim stuff. ^_^

Sorry about the terrible quality, it was hard to find... a bunch of them were of gir all covered in blood!!!!! How WRONG!!! He was not like that in the show! Hmf.

He is sooooo cute!!! :D :D :D
I also got some crazy awesome gloves from Old Navy. :) They are so cute! :D I love gloves, especially ones with polka dots of stripes. :)

I love this little girl!!!!!!! She is so cute! :D :D :D

She got hyper when she saw the camera. XD
Tomorrow is the Vintage dance! I am happy beyond words. :) :) :) :) I love to dance!!! The dances that we will do are mostly contra dancing, swing and waltz. I love to waltz and I really hope I get asked!!!! :D

This song and video are both beyond what words alone can compel. It needs hand movements to explain how amazing it is. I love it. L0VE! It needs a zero for the O, that always helps. Like saying
"WOOT!" is cool and all, but "W00T!" Now that means excitement.

I'm sorry... I love music videos. ^_^

I have marshmallows! I have to ask, who couldn't like marshmallow? They are amazing! Almost as amazing
as Mika and Ikes, and that... that is cool.

There. Proof that great thing eat marshmallows.

Well. The kitty is not really *eating* them....

and now for something completely different.

I love Coraline. it is one of my favorite movies. I just love everything about it! I have seen it about a thousand times... :D

She is so cute! :D I want her outfit too. 

I like Wybie! 

I have to go! :) 
Bye! <3 


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