Sunday, October 17, 2010

The dance. :)

So on Friday I went to a Vintage dance! It was amazingly fun. ^_^ We did a lot of dances, not enough though... I could have danced all night. :D

 Kerilynn did my hair. I liked it. ^_^

Okay, the lighting in the room where we danced was very hard to take pictures in! One girl, Katy, did a very good job at getting some nice ones though. :D I guess I never really understood what a good photographer she was! :D

Juli, she had the prettiest red dress on, that looked amazing on her. :)
more dancing 
and more, we did a lot of that...

Some friends of ours that we had not seen in a while came too! It was awesome to see them! Their outfits were really cute too. :D 

I like this picture, it is fuzzy, but I like it anyways. :D The Converse, crazy knee high sock and blue dress that she was wearing made a very interesting and awesome mix :D :D :D

Before the dance, all of us girls went up and did a photo shoot thing! I really want to see the pictures, they have not put them up on Facebook or anything and I am DYING to see them! :D
(Not to rush you or anything) :D

Kerilynn took this one. :)
 Beka, she is in the background in the brown dress, has to be one of the prettiest people I know. I love her hair, her eyes. She is just really pretty!!!!! X)
 I tried to take some pictures at Church today, but it was so bright outside it was not really working out. :P

See? Waaay to bright, my camera couldn't handle it whatever setting I put it on. :P

It worked fine in the gym though! :D I love her scarf. and she had matching ballet flats too. :D :D
That is all for now!
Bye! <3 
Elisa. :)


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